Apcopay, a global payment service platform that provides clients with all the necessary tools to cater for multi-channel and multi-currency payment options, has announced the integration of CoinPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway. The integration enables Apcopay to refer clients to use CoinPayments as their crypto processor and conduct transactions using a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and more than 100 altcoins in an innovative, yet seamless way.

Apcopay and CoinPayments: A Synergistic Partnership

CoinPayments’ expertise in crypto payment solutions combined with Apcopay’s commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience creates a powerful alliance that revolutionises the way businesses transact in the digital age.

Together, they provide a cutting-edge secure platform that empowers merchants to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for both merchants and customers alike. With Apcopay’s dedication to excellence in payment processing and CoinPayments’ innovative platform, this partnership paves the way for accelerated growth and widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payments across diverse industries worldwide.

Daniel Buttigieg, Chief Commercial Officer at Apcopay commented, “We partnered up with CoinPayments for its exceptional features and widespread reach. CoinPayments stands out as a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency industry, catering to a vast network of merchants across. Its platform boasts extensive cryptocurrency acceptance, accommodating a diverse range of digital assets, making it highly versatile and user-friendly for both merchants and customers. CoinPayments’ complete capabilities provide convenience and accessibility, making it the best choice for our payment processing needs.”

Marc Bourgeois, Senior Manager of Business Development at CoinPayments commented, “We’re delighted that Apcopay has chosen CoinPayments as its crypto payment partner. By integrating cryptocurrency payment options, Apcopay is poised to broaden its global footprint and access an additional revenue channel. This strategic partnership underscores our confidence that Apcopay will deliver an elevated service experience to its clients, accompanied by tangible advantages.”

Apcopay: A Fully Integrated Payments Solution

Powered by Synthesis, Apcopay offers a Single Layer – Payments Orchestration Platform, serving merchants since 2004. This unified solution, regardless of connected providers or payment options, enables seamless management of all payment needs. With Synthesis, merchants benefit from straightforward reporting and activation of value-added services, ensuring a frictionless checkout experience for customers. Apcopay facilitates transactions for over 1,200 merchants across 25 countries, supporting over 40 acquiring banks and 240+ payment options, and processing 100 currencies.

CoinPayments: Revolutionising Crypto Payments Since 2013

CoinPayments has been at the forefront of pioneering cryptocurrency payment solutions since 2013. With a robust platform that facilitates the acceptance of over 100 cryptocurrencies as payment and the ability to hold over 2,000 altcoins, all on a single platform, CoinPayments has established itself as the global leader in digital payments. Serving an extensive user base, CoinPayments has earned its reputation in the industry as the world’s most trusted and reliable crypto payment gateway.