GonnaOrder, a leading provider of digital hospitality ordering solutions, has announced a new partnership with Apcopay to integrate advanced payment capabilities into its’ platform. This partnership aims to streamline the payment process for both businesses and customers globally where GonnaOrder operates.

The digital menu and table ordering system from GonnaOrder has revolutionised the way restaurants take orders and deals with customers in an efficient and seamless manner. With Apcopay bolted on, the platform can also extend its’ functionality to provide and easy way to complete the end-to-end flow by accepting a customer’s payment, right from the table! Apcopay is well-known for its adaptable payment orchestration solutions, which caters for a variety of payment methods including global credit card processing, domestic e-wallets, and mobile payments.

Christos Orlis, Co-founder and Chief Growth and Innovation Officer of GonnaOrder said, “By partnering with Apcopay, we can improve our service by offering a complete and secure payment solution that is easy to deploy irrespective of our global clients. Our objective is to facilitate table ordering combined with payment processing for restaurant operators and their customers, increasing tables’ turnaround time, directly contributing the restaurant’s bottom line.”

Daniel Buttigieg, Chief Commercial Officer continued saying, “Our partnership with GonnaOrder is a critical step in strengthening our offering to the market. We are glad to offer our payment processing capabilities, creating a symbiotic relationship in the hospitality space where efficiency and customer experience are key to driving and streamlining business processes. ”

GonnaOrder are able to provide end-to-end solutions that handle everything from table ordering through QR Code to capturing payment effortlessly, thanks to this partnership. This in turn makes it easier for restaurant employees to focus on their tasks with minimal disruption, increase client engagement and ultimately extending client reach.

The integration between GonnaOrder and Apcopay’s payment orchestration platform is another step in the digital transformation era taking place in the hospitality industry. This partnership in turn provides operators a more efficient, safe, and user-friendly experience catering ever more to the customer’s needs and likes.

For more details about GonnaOrder’s offerings, visit GonnaOrder. To learn more about Apcopay’s payment solutions, visit Apcopay.