Universal Air has started on a new phase of growth with a planned expansion in Malta. The airline already has a strong presence in the regional aviation market and is well-positioned to capitalise on Malta’s unique position in the Mediterranean to provide exceptional services to its clients.

Due to its convenient location near markets in both Europe and Africa, Malta is a great base of operations for Universal Air. Taking up a vital market segment, the company intends to provide a premium economy experience by occupying the space between full-service and ultra-low-cost airlines.

The airline company is committed to leveraging the talent pool within the community and leverages the expertise and experience of Malta’s highly skilled workforce. Through apprenticeship programmes, the company hires Maltese people with previous expertise in the aviation industry to develop talent and improve services. The business community in Malta is flourishing, particularly in industries like banking, technology, gambling, and iGaming. To use this ecosystem and foster productivity and expansion, Universal Air intends to collaborate closely with regional partners and the government.

Universal Air is in a good position to offer its customers outstanding customer care and support because of its well-established infrastructure and business network in Malta. Clear communication and effective payment support are ensured by being close to the intended audience. The organisation strives to lessen its environmental impact while maintaining economic viability by adopting best practices, such as utilising fuel-efficient aircraft and obtaining food locally.

In terms of routes, they plan to introduce new routes from Malta that will provide travellers with more connectivity and convenience. From March 26th, flights from Malta to Pécs will commence twice a week. In April, Universal Air will introduce additional routes to Athens and Palermo. Following this, in May, the frequency of flights to Pécs will be increased, and new routes to Corfu will be added. Then, in June, Universal Air will expand its offerings further with routes to Ibiza.

Universal Air has selected Apcopay as its trusted payment processing partner. “We are excited to partner with Apcopay and leverage their advanced payment platform to enhance client experiences,” stated Chief Commercial Officer Tim Lee Foster. With a focus on security and reliability, Apcopay aligns with Universal Air’s values and commitment to customer trust. Universal Air hopes to differentiate itself in the market by streamlining transactions and offering seamless payment solutions while driving growth opportunities forward.

In conclusion, Universal Air’s growth in Malta represents an important turning point in its mission to reinvent the Mediterranean travel experience. With an emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity, the business is ready to raise the bar in the aviation sector.