Fraud Protection

SHIELD your way through the online payments world

Our inbuilt SHIELD makes it easy to manage potential fraudulent issues, and offer you a merchant-driven layer of applying protective restrictions, adding value to your payments teams’ work, whilst maintaining your bottom line. Our tools help your business by detecting and prevent fraudulent transactions while safeguarding transaction’s value. SHIELD is a highly effective risk management system that continuously analyses customer data to avoid potential fraud, in turn providing you with peace of mind and securing your eCommerce growth.


Fraud Protection Features

Implement our security layer to make full use of the following

  • Secure transactions
  • Low chargeback risk
  • Fraud analysis
  • Blacklisting
  • Positive approval ratios

Meant for...

  • Online businesses that want to grow in a secure manner
  • Merchants who wish to keep fraud risk to a minimum
  • Clients who want to recognize suspicious activity

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