Hosted Checkout

Brand your client’s way out of your deposit page flawlessly

Localize your customers’ checkout experience with familiar features and your branding using our hosted, online checkout options.

Our FASTPAY integration will allow you to

  • Link your online checkout page by embedding our Hosted Page (Fastpay) into your website
  • Your website will be PCI DSS compliant with the hosted pay page
  • Ideal for new businesses as it is quick and simple
  • No high level technical knowledge required. Apcopay will store your client’s credit cards, and optionally you will be able to prompt your users with the last cards they used

Hosted Checkout features

Make use of our Hosted Checkout page to benefit from the following

  • Customisable
  • Flexible
  • Responsive
  • Secure

Meant for...

  • Merchants who want to lighten the responsibility of being PCI DSS compliant
  • Business who are emerging and need a user friendly optimizable checkout page
  • Clients who wish to transact their business securely worldwide

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