OneTap payments

OneTap Technology – a game changer for seamless online payments

We connect your user’s experience with our Partners’ OneTap technology, a breakthrough in mobile payments world. With this, consumers can make payment on a an android or iOS application with just one tap. It is a true one-tap payment, first ever in a 2 factor authentication environment. Through the amalgamation of OneTAP with your shopping experience, your users simply need to tap on their stored card and the rest is handled automatically in a completed PCI Secured environment.


OneTap payments features

The below are a list of features brought about through OneTap Technology

  • One tap on the stored card
  • Transactions are done in seconds
  • Stored card vault – simple to use APIs, no security hassle
  • Everything happens automatically
  • Auto-OTP (One Time Password) read and Submit- Request, Read, Fills, Approves
  • Customisable Control Available and retry facilities

Meant for...

  • Merchants who do not need their users to enter card data with their second purchase
  • Business models who do not require CVV input
  • Merchants who are constantly seeking ways to improve conversion and boost customer retention

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