Payment methods

Offloading APM technical complexities through our unified platform

Enabling merchants to provide a wide range of bank card with 240+ payment systems, featuring e-Wallets, prepaid cards, mobile payment systems to customers. Sidestep the integration costs of going global with our unified API that makes account setup consistent worldwide so you can access Apcopay’s local processing capabilities.


Payment methods features

Alternative payment methods have increased in popularity as financial technology companies and tech giants have entered the payments ecosystem, providing consumers with faster and more convenient ways to make purchases and send money to friends and family

  • Constant updating of Alternative payment methods API
  • Anti-fraud suite amalgamated with credit card rules
  • Standard look and feel – constant UX to your visitors
  • Processing refunds and partial payments
  • Multi-currency payments allowed
  • Mobile optimised in a fully responsive environment
  • Real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Automatic language selection
  • Plug and play
  • Pop-up payments window embedded within your website or as a redirect
  • Incoming and outgoing payments (conditionally supported by the provider)

Meant for...

  • Merchants who targeting geographically difficult markets when it comes to credit card penetration
  • Wish to offer a local ‘domestic’ feel to their audience, making a purchase as frictionless as possible
  • Merchants who need to expand rapidly in different territories who do not want to bear high FX costs

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